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Website design for small business is one of our core specialties at Performance Media Agency. We build fast-loading, highly-converting websites that turn visitors into customers.  All of our websites are based on WordPress, one of the most popular, powerful, and flexible content management systems for small business website design in the world.

Our websites are fully responsive (work well on desktop, tablets and mobile phones), SEO-ready, use custom design and branding and are hosted on secure, fast web hosting servers.  We use original content from our customers as well as fully licensed stock images and videos picked to match your brand, products and services as required.

We also provide monthly website  maintenance services to ensure your website is secure, the content management system is working properly, functionality plug ins are upgraded, and content is always fresh with new landing pages and/or promotions.

Our Performance Media Agency web development teams follow a very rigorous website design process to create custom websites for small businesses that look great, load fast and, more importantly, convert visitors into customers. Read on for more or get a Free Consultation today.

Our Website Development Process

During our initial briefing, we will ask you a variety of questions to help us better understand your industry, the competitive environment, your business and marketing objectives, the products and services you offer, and your target audience. This will help us better design a custom website that will act as a “sales channel” to help you turn your website visitors into paying customers. Our website design briefing document facilitates this process,

During this phase of the website design process, we will request information that will help us align the look and feel of your website with both your marketing objectives and branding. We will use a Website Discovery document to determine the style of imagery (luxurious, elegant, sexy, lifestyle, etc.), the color combinations to match your branding (warm, cool or neutral tones), the target audience demographics (age, gender, ethnicity), competitive websites you like, font styles to use, the top products or services to offer and the type of assets (photos, logos, copy, biographies, etc.) to include. During this phase we will also determine the type of functionality (online booking, email forms, reviews, social feeds, etc.,) required to achieve your website’s goals.

This is one of the most important phases of the website development process and the one that requires the most input from you, our customer. This is where the building blocks of your website begin as we will need to gather a variety of assets including a high resolution logo, your full business address, phone number and email, a mission statement, staff bios, office, service and/or product images, service or product descriptions, your domain name credentials and any other information that will help us begin the website building process.

Using data from the previous three phases, as well as thorough keyword research, we will begin organizing the information architecture of your website to ensure it is fully SEO-optimized and also converts well. This will determine the content that will be mapped to each page of your website, the functionality required, and the navigational structure.

In this phase, our web development teams begin building out the main pages of your website using all the content at our disposal and following the information architecture of the previous phase. We use state-of-the-art project management technology that ensure no steps are missed as we build your new website. Once the initial top level pages are completed, we will contact you to obtain feedback before continuing the design process. After the initial design is approved, and all the content is in place, we setup the functionality, install Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and any conversion tracking depending on the platforms you will use to promote your website.

Once the website is finalized and all the functionality has been implemented, we take your website through a rigorous quality assurance process that ensures everything works as expected when it goes live. This includes technical implementations, navigation, internal and external links, shopping cart and online booking functionality, firewalls, anti-spam plugins, mobile responsiveness, conversion tracking, and a few other elements.

Before the website goes live, you will have the opportunity to do a final review with us to ensure all expectations are met. We will also take your website through another quick quality check after any changes are implemented. In addition, all prior URLs will be redirected to avoid any errors and we will create a new sitemap that will be submitted to the search engines for indexation to ensure the new website is crawled properly.

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Website Design Questions Answered

That depends on how many pages are needed, the functionality required, the images and text being used, and a few other factors.  Here at Performance Media Agency, we build websites starting at $1,500 for a 10 page fully responsive SEO-ready website. 25-page websites start at $3,000 and grow from there. 

Typically, if all the content is available and ready to go, our Performance Media Agency teams would build a 10-page website in 10-15 working days including setup, quality assurance, testing, approvals and launch. Websites with more pages may take longer depending on the amount of pages, the availability of the content, and the functionality required.  

While this is definitely possible, it is not ideal. You are the expert in your business and we require that you provide and guide our content and design decisions. Ultimately, this is your website so full collaboration in the initial stages of content gathering is required.

Absolutely.  Every website comes with a web hosting package and maintenance fee of $75/month that includes 1 hour of monthly security, plugin in and content updates. 99% of our customers, however, use our 2 hour ($150/month) and 3 hour ($250/month) packages that include up to 3 hours of our time every month for content updates and new landing page creation. 

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