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In an age where over 320 million North Americans scroll, share, and engage on social media every day, the presence of your small business on these platforms isn’t just recommended—it’s imperative. Yet, with the precipitous drop in organic reach, notably on platforms like Facebook with an astonishing 6% reach rate, the question arises: How do you truly get noticed?

The landscape of social media marketing has transformed. It’s no longer just about crafting compelling posts but ensuring they reach the eyes of those who matter most to your business. As platforms pivot towards monetizing their massive user base, the mantra has become clear: to be seen, you must invest.

Differentiating itself from the intent-based realm of PPC and SEO, social media advertising operates on the pulse of “interest-driven” marketing. Instead of awaiting users to type in keywords, social ads proactively place your content in the limelight, targeting individuals based on a myriad of factors, from demographics and behaviors to affiliations and interests.

At Performance Media Agency, our emphasis isn’t merely on navigating the waters of paid social media; it’s about mastering the tides. We’ve championed the art of harnessing social media advertising for tangible results, be it lead generation or driving online sales. Through our rigorous, results-centric approach to paid social campaigns, we ensure that every dollar you invest resonates with impact and intention.

Propel your business into the social forefront; let’s craft a campaign that captivates and converts.

Our Social Media Advertising Process

Following our campaign briefing meeting, we research your industry, your target audiences, your competitors, and will gather data to determine which social platforms, strategies, and tactics will bring you the best value for your investment.

Using data from our preliminary meeting and research, we craft a customized social media advertising strategy designed to bring you maximum value from your campaigns. Driven by your marketing objectives, this strategy includes social platforms, placements, creative formats, targeting parameters and buying model recommendations for success.

The strategic direction of the campaign will determine what social networks we will use, how we structure your account, the buying model we will use, what placements to pick, which audiences we will target, and the type of creative we will need to develop to help meet your campaign objectives. Unlike PPC advertising on search engines, creative formats for social media marketing vary greatly by platform and may include images, videos, animated gifs, etc.

For social media advertising, we use a variety of quality assurance checks before, during, and after we launch your social ads campaign to ensure top performance with minimum waste. This ensures flawless execution and best results.

Once your social media advertising campaign goes live, our Performance Media Agency team continuously monitors your campaigns, analyzes placements and creative data to make optimization & budget allocation decisions to generate more & better quality leads at the lowest possible cost. We look at things like bidding signals, location, devices, creative formats, platforms, demographics and other signals to optimize your campaigns for maximum performance.

On a monthly basis, our Performance Media Agency team will send you a link to your customized, dynamic campaign dashboard showing the results of your campaigns with insights & recommendations for improvement. We will also invite you to a 30 minute Zoom meeting to go over results and answer any questions.

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Social Media Advertising FAQ`s

Social media advertising is the process of setting up paid  campaigns on social networks to show targeted ads to users based on a variety of targeting options including behaviors, interests, similarities, location, demographics, etc.

Social media advertising is a very essential piece of your overall business and marketing strategy. Advertising on social platforms platforms helps you connect with potential customers, increase awareness about your brand, service or product, and can help boost your leads and sales volumes.

Yes it absolutely can in many ways. With social media advertising you can not only communicate directly with your current customers, but also create targeted ads to reach new audiences and generate leads.  The variety of ad formats and targeting options available allow you to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. 

That depends primarily on your business and marketing objectives, the industry you are in, the products or services you offer, the target audience you are trying to capture and your media budget. For example, if you are targeting women with aesthetic services, you must be on Facebook, Instagram and perhaps Pinterest. If you are a lawyer or accountant trying to target medium-sized businesses, Facebook and Instagram are good options, but perhaps LinkedIn is best as that platform can target by company size, title, occupation, etc.

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