Pay per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising for local businesses is one of the most efficient, effective & measurable ways to drive instant quality traffic to your website. Commonly referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, when done well, can help increase traffic, leads, and sales. There are many digital platforms, search engines, and networks where local businesses can use  pay per click. However, the most common, and widely-used by our clients, is Google Ads Pay per Click advertising.

With Google Ads Pay per Click advertising you get instant gratification with an almost immediate flow of intent-driven, high-quality traffic to your local business website.  This allows you to extend your reach, get more traffic, more leads, and grow your business in a fully measurable and accountable way. 

Doing Pay per Click advertising on search engines like Google helps you control the messages served to potential customers with new promotions, branding or events. In addition, PPC helps protect your brand from competitors, capture demand for your products and services, and drive searchers to action on your website.

At Performance Media Agency, we use a process-driven, performance-oriented approach to Google Ads pay per click management that helps to deliver high quality leads and positive ROI. Read on for more or contact us for a Free PPC Consultation.

Our Pay Per Cick Advertising Process

After our briefing meeting, we research your industry, your target audiences, your competitors, and the keywords that will bring you the best leads.

Using data from our preliminary research, we craft a customized PPC strategy designed to bring you maximum value from your Google ads campaigns.

The strategic direction of the campaign will determine how we structure your account and what tactics we will use to meet your campaign objectives. The campaign setup includes the structure of your account on Google Ads, the campaign names, the ad groups, the keywords we will bid on, the ads we will show, and the audiences to target.

We use a variety of quality assurance checks before, during, and after we launch your Google ads campaign to ensure top performance with minimum waste. Our campaign launch check lists ensure no steps are missed and campaign configurations are set properly before going live. 24 hours after launch, we perform another settings check and tweak levers as necessary.  All these quality checks help us deliver results with flawless execution.

Once your Google ads campaign goes live, our Performance Media Agency team continuously monitors your campaigns, analyzes audiences, keywords, locations, and creative data to make optimization & budget allocation decisions to generate more & better quality leads at the lowest possible cost.

On a monthly basis, our Performance Media Agency team will send you a link to your customized, dynamic campaign dashboard showing the results of your campaigns with insights & recommendations for improvement. We will also invite you to a 30 minute Zoom meeting to go over results and answer any questions.

Client Testimonials

Top PPC Questions Answered

If you are looking to get instant gratification from your digital marketing efforts and an instant flow of quality traffic yo your site in order to get new customers, yes, it is definitely worth the investment. After a few months, you can use the data from your Pay Per Click campaigns to optimize your website for SEO and get more FREE quality traffic from search engines.

Absolutely. Pay per click advertising (PPC) is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics available to businesses today as it is 100% intent-driven, measurable, trackable, efficient and effective when managed by experts.  It helps to level the playing field, capture demand from other marketing activities, gets you new customers, protects your brand and generates positive ROI.

Pay per click advertising costs vary greatly by industry, region, product, service, audience, competition, search volume demand, seasonality, etc.  They can range from a few cents on a branded keyword to more than $20 per click on a generic high volume keyword.

There are too many variables at play when launching and managing a Pay per Click campaign that prevents us from being able to guarantee your expected results. What we can guarantee, however, is that we will use our years of experience, our expertise in your industry, our proven processes, and automation technologies to setup a strong foundation for success.  

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