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Local SEO is more than just an SEO strategy. It’s a powerful tool to place your service-centric business right in the heart of local search results across platforms – be it Google, BING, Facebook Local, Apple Maps, and more.

From bustling restaurants and chic hair salons to adept lawyers and dedicated real estate agents, any business aiming to make its mark within a distinct geographic domain needs Local SEO. It’s the beacon that guides consumers, ready to engage and purchase, straight to your doorstep. Imagine an urgent care seeker finding your facility, a homeowner discovering your plumbing services, or a diner choosing your restaurant – that’s the transformative power of Local SEO.

To truly harness this potential, one must understand the intricate dance of local search ranking elements. While these criteria are ever-evolving, the essence lies in factors such as the precision of your Google My Business listing, astute on-page localization, garnering credible online reviews, and securing localized links and directory citations.

Consider the significance of Google’s triumvirate in local ranking: relevance, prominence, and proximity. When optimized effectively, these signal the local ranking algorithm that your business is not only authentic but is the best answer to local search queries.

At Performance Media Agency, our commitment is to not only boost your local visibility but to solidify your reputation in the community. Through our meticulous, results-driven process, we’ve consistently positioned our clients at the pinnacle of local search. Ready to be the local favorite?

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Our Local SEO Process

The first step in any Local SEO initiative is to prepare a full local SEO audit. The Local SEO audit will reveal gaps and opportunities for local search success including the accuracy of your listings, your local search rankings, on-page local SEO content opportunities, reviews gaps, inbound links and other factors.

The Local SEO Blue Print will provide information on what on-page or off-page local SEO factors need improvement and optimization in order to rank well for local searches. This includes local citation inaccuracies, missing localized keywords on your website’s content and meta descriptions, volume and authority of inbound links, number of positive and negative reviews, etc.

Using data from a variety of keyword research tools, local search packs, your website, the competition, search results pages, Google Search Console and your own Pay per Click data (if available) we identify the most valuable localized keywords for your business and map them to your website for local SEO implementation. These keywords will also be used in anchor text, Google My Business listing title and description and other local directories.

Similar to SEO, once the keyword selection and mapping is done, we produce a preliminary positioning report from a local search perspective. This will reveal how visible your pages are on Google local, whether you show up on the local 3 pack of Google listings, etc. In addition, we will use data from Google Search Console and Google My Business insights to complement the report.

This phase includes a list of recommendations to improve or create content optimized for local search on selected pages of your website, as well as information on recommended local websites for link outreach,

Reporting on local SEO is as important as any other digital marketing effort. While there are a variety of metrics to review regarding local SEO success, the most important ones link back to the reason why you decided to embark in Local SEO in the first place. Reporting on Local SEO is done monthly using our proprietary tools but you will also receive a local SEO report from Google My Business automatically every 30 days, This will include the number of calls, direction requests, website visits and other engagements with your listing on GMB and Google Maps.

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Local SEO Questions Answered

Local SEO Marketing is a Search Engine Optimization tactic designed to make your business more visible in local search results and maps on Google and other search engines.

Local SEO costs vary depending on who you ask and which company is offering the service.  Be careful with companies that charge very low prices as they usually cut corners and use improper local SEO tactics that may get your website penalized and traffic will decrease instead of increase.  The price for Local SEO also varies depending on the number of physical locations and geographic areas you serve. Here at Performance Media Agency we simplify this process as we offer subscription-based pricing for Local SEO packages starting at $250/month.

The main difference between SEO and Local SEO is that SEO focuses on improving on-page and off page factors to increase visibility of your website on a national scale for a specific set of keywords while Local SEO focuses on improving the visibility of your business for local searches.

There are a variety of benefits of investing on local SEO including better online visibility for your business, more foot traffic, more local customers and increased sales. Local SEO is key for mobile users to find your business in search engines, social channels and online directories.

Beware of any agency or individual who tells you they can guarantee Local SEO results.  No one can guarantee rankings on search engines as there are too many uncontrollable variables at play as search engine algorithms are constantly changing.  While we cannot guarantee Local SEO results, we can guarantee that we will use our 13 years of SEO experience, proven processes,  and best-in-class technologies to get you the best Local SEO results possible.

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