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Email marketing for small business is a digital marketing strategy designed to promote your products or services, build awareness, and create customer loyalty.  

When done well, email marketing allows you to create targeted and personalized messages to build meaningful relationships with your current & potential customers.  It is in fact one of the most effective ways to keep your customers engaged, nurture leads, and complement other digital marketing initiatives.

There are many different types of email marketing campaigns for small businesses. Most include a combination of Informational Emails, Digital Newsletters, Product/Service Email Updates, and Transactional Emails. At Performance Media Agency, most of our customers use email marketing for product/service updates and direct response.

As for all our digital marketing services, we have a very well though out, tested, and documented process for email marketing that maximizes performance.

Our Email Marketing Process

The first step for every email marketing campaign for your small business is to specify what you want to achieve. Are you looking for more leads, sales? Or do you want more customer subscriptions, fewer customer support requests, information sharing, provide product or service updates? Your email marketing campaign goals will set the direction for the next steps in the email marketing process.

To complement your email campaign goals and devise a strategy, we need to identify and clarify who your targeting persona is, what problems you want to solve or what information you want to share. We also need to determine what assets you have available, and any promotions or special programs you want showcase. This will determine the type of email marketing strategy to use, the type of emails we will send, the tone, frequency, day of week, time of day, and any automation required.

The strategic direction of the email marketing campaign will determine how we setup the campaign. During the setup phase, we write enticing copy to communicate the offer using clear benefits and strong calls to action. We then design the creative and graphic components that will help illustrate the offer and entice the audience to perform the desired actions. Here we may design the email from scratch or use a previous template that contains your branding and has performed well in the past. We also setup email tracking required to measure success including Google Analytics parameters.

We use thorough quality assurance checks before we launch your email marketing campaigns to ensure the correct audience list is being used, the links on text and images are correct, tracking is setup and there are no misspellings or bad grammar.

After the quality assurance review is completed, we send a test email to our customer for approval. This test includes specific instructions as to what to check before giving the go ahead to launch. This same test email is sent internally for our staff to check how the email looks on desktop, tablets and mobile devices, as well as to do a final content QA before sending the email blast. If all looks good, and we have client approval, the campaign is scheduled to send at specific date and time.

On a monthly basis, our Performance Media Agency team will send you a link to your customized, dynamic campaign dashboard showing the results of your campaigns with insights & recommendations for improvement. We will also invite you to a 30 minute Zoom meeting to go over results and answer any questions. For email marketing campaigns, we typically report on successful deliveries, open rates, click rates, bounces, unsubscribes and ultimately, sales or leads generated for direct response email marketing campaigns.

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Email Marketing for Small Business FAQ`s

Definitely.  E-mail marketing is still one of the most effective online marketing initiatives available today especially for keeping current customers engaged, communicating new offers and promotions, getting repeat sales, nurturing leads and generating new ones. 75% of our customers do e-mail marketing campaigns on a monthly basis. Ask us about it.

We have a well though out, tested and documented process for email marketing campaigns that includes goal setting, strategy and planning, campaign setup, quality assurance, testing, sending, measurement and reporting.

Email marketing campaigns help you stay in touch with your current customers and connect with your target audiences in a personalized way to help you increase sales at a very effective and low cost per sale.

Our answer to this is definitely not.  Most email lists being sold out there are of really bad quality and will likely contain people who are not interested in your products.  Also, most email service providers will not allow you to use these types of lists.  The best way to get a list of emails is to grow it yourself organically using incentives like free e-books, case studies, though leadership pieces etc.  These can be posted on your website, social media channels, Google My Business listing, etc.

The best answer to this is as often as possible without getting annoying. For this you need to closely monitor your unsubscribe rates.  If you notice users in your audiences are unsubscribing at high rate, you are probably sending too many emails to them.

The cost of email marketing varies greatly depending on the complexity of your campaigns, the frequency with which emails are sent and the technology being used. Here are Performance Media Agency we make it simple. Our starter email marketing package costs $150 per month and it includes up to two email blasts per month. If  you want to send four emails per month, the cost will be $250/month.

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