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Tridoc Hair Restoration is a modern practice center of trichologists, doctors and stylists Silver Springs, Maryland, USA. They specialized in the treatment of hair loss in men and women using the most advanced technologies and products. They provide highly personalized hair restoration treatments including hair transplantation, hair rejuvenation and styling.  A new client of Performance Media Agency since September 2020, Tridoc Hair Restoration came to us with a cookie-cutter website built by their previous agency. The old website lacked informational content, had very few pages, it was difficult to navigate, was very slow to load and maintain. Most importantly, the website’s conversion rate was terribly low and despite sending traffic from Google Ads and Facebook, it was not converting visitors into customer at the expected rate.

The Performance Media Agency web development team created a new website design with 10x more content and pages, a better and easier navigational structure, mobile and SEO-optimized that is easier to update, manage and expected to convert at a much higher rate. In addition, the new website includes shopping cart functionality that allows the customer to sell their hair loss products online.  Their new website is designed to inform, guide, answer questions, and lead visitors down their purchase journey to book appointments and help grow their business.  Some of the new key features of the website include sliders to showcase promotions, strong calls to action throughout, MailChimp integration, a blog, and book appointment scheduling functionality.



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The Results

Since the new Tridoc Hair Restoration website is set to launch during the first week of March, we do not have any sessions, engagement results ready at this time. 

However, feedback from the customer has been extremely positive so far and she is looking forward to the launch as it will be complemented with a Google Ads PPC strategy and Local SEO

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