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Fresh Laser Skin Studio is one of top-rated medical spas in Calgary, Canada. They provide high quality aesthetic treatments for the face, skin and body using state-of-the-art non-invasive technology to restore, revitalize, rejuvenate, and improve the look of men and women. This local service business partnered with Performance Media Agency to manage their Google Ads Pay per Click campaign. 

The Challenge

Fresh Laser Skin Studio’s objective was to get new potential customers to visit their website by increasing the volume and quality of traffic from Google in an extremely competitive medical spa market like Calgary. They not only wanted to get more leads from Google at a low cost but were also looking for a strategic digital marketing partner who could provide them with great customer service and quick turn around times. Fresh Laser was also facing stiff competition from other medical spas in their market who were active in Google Ads and aggressively bidding on their brand keywords.

The Pay Per Click Strategy

As a very well-known and successful medical spa in Calgary, Fresh Laser Skin Studio had incredibly unique requirements for their Google Ads PPC campaign given they are the only ones in their market with very specific, high-end laser technologies for a series of aesthetic treatments. This was important for our strategic direction as we needed to ensure they stood out from the competition in search. We also needed to protect their brand from competitors who were actively bidding on the Fresh Laser Skin Studio name.

To achieve their PPC goals, we used a 4-pronged PPC strategy to capture demand, dominate the search results pages, drive to action, and boost performance.

To Capture Demand from Google, we designed our campaign structure to mirror Fresh Laser’s high-value treatments and conditions and created dedicated advertising campaigns for each with their own sets of keywords and ads.

A branded keyword campaign was used to protect their brand by pushing competitors who were bidding on their terms down the search results pages. This campaign also helped capture demand for their own brand terms, control the message, and showcase new promotions or treatments. 

We also launched a series of generic campaigns for each of their treatments targeting mid to lower funnel localized keywords. These included high volume terms like “laser hair removal Calgary,” “medical spa near me,” “tattoo removal Calgary,” etc.

To Dominate the Search Results, we ensured Fresh Laser Skin Studio’s Google Ads campaigns took advantage of all relevant ad extensions applicable to their business. This gave their ads more prominence on the search results pages by capturing more real estate to help them stand out from their competitors. The ad extensions we used included Call Extensions, Site Link Extensions, Location Extensions, Call Out Extensions, Structured Snippets, Price & Promotion Extensions. In addition, we used all available Google Ads headline and description lines to make the ads larger on the search pages and created both expanded and dynamic responsive search ads.

To Drive to Action, we provided searchers with a variety of options to make it easy for them to connect with Fresh Laser Skin Studio and book an appointment. Some examples of these include Click to Site, Click to Call from Ads, Strong Calls to Action like Book Online, Call Now, and Book An Appointment. Furthermore, we ensured that the treatments and technologies that made Fresh Laser Skin Studio unique in their market were showcased on the ad copy and current promotions were included as well.

To Boost Performance, we used bid automation to target the audiences that were more likely to convert. We also implemented a rigorous ad testing schedule that allows us to continuously improve performance by learning which variables contribute to higher click and leads volume.  Finally, we implemented audiences and layered them on top of our campaigns to increase efficiencies and generate higher quality leads. These performance-boosting strategies were complemented by an ongoing negative keyword strategy that ensured maximum relevance with minimum waste.

Fresh laser skin studio

PPC Campaign Results

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The Results

In the 6-month period between September 2020 and February 2021, our Google Ads campaigns for Fresh Laser Skin Studio generated 390 new customer leads at a cost per lead of only $11 with an estimated Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of 9.2. When comparing with their overall traffic by channel in Google analytics, the Google Ads Pay per Click Marketing campaigns accounted for over 22% of their traffic and 13% of their leads during that period. Considering the lifetime value of a Fresh Laser customer surpasses $1500, Pay per Click advertising with Performance Media Agency is one of the efficient customer acquisition strategies for this customer. 

Our partnership with Fresh Laser continues to grow thanks to the amazing results we continue to deliver as well as the great level of service we provide. If you are looking to grow your local business with Google Ads PPC advertising, contact us or request a free consultation.

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