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Central Urgent Medical Care provides quality and compassionate urgent medical care services in Rancho, Cucamonga, California, USA. Their mission is to apply their medical knowledge to the benefit of their local community, its citizens, and employers. This local service urgent care walk-in clinic partnered with Performance Media Agency to manage their Google Ads Pay per Click Marketing campaign for their California location. As promised to our customer, we consistently deliver incredible results on their PPC campaigns and continue to provide outstanding service levels with transparency & added value.

The Challenge

In a highly competitive market with many primary and urgent care facilities vying for the same customers, Central Urgent Medical Care wanted to increase awareness of their urgent care center, get more phone calls, and increase the volume of walk-ins with a PPC advertising campaign. Having a small budget for advertising, they not only wanted to get into the consideration set of potential patients in the area, but also get more leads from Google at the lowest possible cost. The local healthcare facility was also facing stiff competition and a few other urgent care centers in the area were actively bidding on their branded keywords.

The Pay Per Click Strategy

As an urgent care center, Central Urgent Medical Care had incredibly unique needs for their PPC strategy. First, they knew distance was important for urgent care patients, so we had to take that into consideration when developing our geo-targeting strategy. Second, unlike primary care facilities, urgent care centers do not usually take appointments as most patients walk-in or call. Third, while this was primarily a direct response PPC campaign with the objective of getting more customers through the door, they also wanted to increase awareness of their medical care services in the area.  Last, we also needed to protect their brand from competitors who were actively bidding on the Central Urgent Medical Care brand name.

To achieve their PPC advertising goals, Performance Media Agency used a 3-pronged strategy to create awareness & protect their brand, capture demand, and drive to action.

To Create Awareness & Protect Their Brand, we ensured Central Urgent Medical Care’s Google Ads campaigns took advantage of all relevant ad extensions applicable to their business. This allowed their ads to capture more real estate on the search results pages to help them stand out and push the competition down. The ad extensions we used included Call Extensions, Site Link Extensions, Location Extensions, Call Out Extensions, and Structured Snippets. In addition, we used all available Google Ads headline and description lines to make the ads larger on the search pages and created both expanded and dynamic responsive search ads.

To Capture Demand, we designed our campaign structure to focus on high-volume, lower-funnel, localized keyword searches related urgent care facilities, walk-in-clinics, doctors, and primary care centers in the area. This allowed us to stretch the budget further and drive more lead as opposed to bidding on specific medical conditions or sicknesses.

A branded keyword campaign was created to protect their brand traffic by pushing the competition down the search results pages. This campaign also helped to capture demand for their own branded keywords and control the message with new services like Covid-19 testing and vaccinations, etc. 

The generic campaigns focused on targeting mid to lower funnel localized urgent care, walk-in clinic, doctors and primary care keywords. These included high volume localized terms like “urgent care rancho cucamonga,” “walk-in clinic near me,” “doctors near me open now,” and many others.

To Drive to Action, we provided searchers with a variety of options to make it easy for them to contact and find Central Urgent Medical Care. Some examples of these include Click to Site, Click to Call from Ads, and Location Extensions. This was combined with strong calls to action and a proximity bid strategy that increased the keyword bids depending on how close the patient was to the urgent care location.

In addition, we setup a rigorous ad testing schedule that allows us to continuously improve performance by learning which variables contribute to calls and walk-in volume. Finally, we implemented day parting to maximize the budget during their open hours as the nature of their business does not allow them to take appointments.  This also ensured someone was available at the clinic to either answer the phone or respond to an email inquiry.

central urgent medical care

PPC Campaign Results

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$ 1

The Results

In the 30-day period between January & February 2021, the Google Ads PPC advertising campaigns for Central Urgent Medical Care generated 91 new customer leads at a cost per lead of only $5. When comparing with their overall traffic by channel in Google analytics, the Google Ads campaigns accounted for over 24% of their traffic and 17% of their leads during that period. Working with the customer, we have estimated a return on advertising spend of 7 for this campaign so far.  As the account becomes more mature, we expect to improve that further. 

Our partnership with Central Urgent Care Rancho continues to grow thanks to the amazing results delivered during this campaign span as well as the great level of service we provide.  We have now been tasked to manage, host, and update their website as well as to improve their local footprint with Local SEO.  We are also managing their medical spa website and are currently running both Google Ads and Facebook ads campaigns. If you are looking to grow your local business with Google Ads PPC advertising, or Social Media Advertising, contact us or request a free consultation.

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