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Digital Marketing for Medical Spas

Are you the owner of a new or established medical spa? Do you want to get more phone calls, book more appointments? Are you looking for ways to acquire new customers to help grow your aesthetic practice business?  Do you wonder if digital marketing can work for you?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this post is for you.

While many medical spa owners think that digital marketing is complicated and expensive, it provides great opportunities to build their brand, acquire new customers, and keep current customers coming back very efficiently and effectively without breaking the bank. But why digital marketing for medical spas instead of traditional marketing tactics like waiting-room videos, flyers, newspapers, radio?  The answer is simple, the vast majority of your aesthetic practice customers are online either searching on Google or consuming content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other networks.

In addition, it is easier to target the right audiences and measure ROI with digital marketing than with any traditional marketing efforts. Nowadays, platforms like Google, Facebook and others offer very sophisticated targeting and measuring methodologies that can help tie digital marketing investments to ROI. Furthermore, digital marketing can help improve your brand’s reputation to help you acquire new customers. Last, digital marketing levels the playing field. If you think you cannot compete with the big national brands out there, think again.  Once you embark in digital marketing for your medical spa, you will be able to compete with both national and local practices in your area to acquire new customers.

In fact, digital marketing for medical spas can give your practice a head start to grow your local customer base quickly and, if you are already an established business, it can help you expand your customer base effectively and efficiently.

Here are five strategies to help grow your medical spa with digital marketing.

  1. Your Website
    Your website is one of the first places your potential customers will go to find out about the services you offer at your medical spa or aesthetic practice business. The quality of your website will impact both your rankings on Google as well as whether potential customers decide to contact you to book an appointment. Make sure your website is easy to look at, easy to navigate, provides a good user experience, loads quickly, and looks great on mobile devices (75% to 90% of website traffic nowadays comes from smartphones), provides great content that helps users call you, contact you, book online. Try to answer as many of their questions for each treatment you provide, use calls to action, provide interactivity, and make sure to get their email address with a subscription box offering promotions.  This will come in very handy later. Do not neglect your website design. It is a powerful digital marketing sales channel for your business.
  2. Local SEO
    Local SEO can greatly improve your search engine visibility for your aesthetic practice business. Make sure to “localize” all the content on your website. If you have multiple locations, create local pages for each one. If you have a single location, make sure to include your city and state name in the content, and headlines in a natural way. Include a map and make sure you address is visible on all pages. Create content that appeals to locals and do not be afraid to link to local businesses and partner with your local chamber of commerce to exchange links.  Also, create and optimize your Google My Business listing. Everyone is searching for local businesses that are “near me” or “open now.”  Google is where the majority of them go and it is very important that you keep your Google My Business listing optimized by filling out all information about your business, adding photos often, creating posts (same as the ones you may create for Facebook or Instagram), and respond to ALL reviews, even the positive ones. Google uses these signals to decide where you rank in the local pack of results. Do not neglect local SEO. It will help grow your business.
  3. Google Ads Advertising
    It is very likely that the majority of your potential customers are actively searching on Google for laser hair removal treatments, Microneedling, facials near me, medical spa near me, etc. So, with the intention to purchase already there, all you need to do is place a Google ad that drives those potential patients to your website to learn about your treatments, why they should choose you and book an appointment. This is one of the most effective ways to acquire new customers for medical spas. If you have great-looking website that loads fast, with informative content about the aesthetic treatments you provide and has calls to action throughout Google Ads pay per click advertising can be very profitable for you. Yes, there is an investment to be made but remember, you are only paying for the click and everything can be measured, and the ads can be tweaked to get a positive return for your investment.
  4. Facebook & Instagram Ads
    Similar to Google, Facebook and Instagram are social networks where your potential customers are spending time daily. The big difference here is that, on Google, your potential customers are actively searching for aesthetic treatments. On Facebook and Instagram, they are mostly browsing their feeds to connect with friends and family or consuming content they have affinities for. However, thanks to the highly sophisticated targeting options available on these two social platforms, medical spas can not only create awareness of their treatments with images and videos, but also acquire new customers with lead generation ads that either capture customer information right on Facebook or leads the users to your website to learn more.  With more than 90% of the population active on social networks daily, you need to embark on social media advertising if you want to grow your medical spa business.
  5. Email Marketing
    Email marketing helps to build awareness of new aesthetic treatments, creates loyalty with current patients, and keep them coming back for more. If you are an established medical spa, you should already have a list of email addresses for your customers. Are you leveraging this list to keep customers informed of new services, current promotions, events? If not, you should. Email marketing can help you grow your aesthetic practice without having to spend too much money. This marketing tactic for medical spas is efficient, effective and you can measure results with the right tracking in place. Make sure to test (images, subject lines, calls to action, colors) as much as you can to improve your open rates, click rates, and, most importantly sales. If you have a website, offer something in exchange for their email address and connect it to your email marketing software to they are added automatically.  There are many ways to leverage email marketing for medical spas. Make sure to combine this with the 4 strategies above for greater success.

I hope these strategies can help you with you grow your aesthetic practice medical spa. Performance Media Agency is a digital marketing consultancy that helps aesthetic practice businesses grow with performance-driven digital marketing. Contact us, ask a question, or request information on our services. We are here to help.

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